Unlike patrol officers, who are responsible for patrolling, issuing citations and responding to emergencies, MVPD detectives utilize a wide variety of techniques and training when conducting their investigations. Detectives are responsible for looking into crimes to determine the causes and perpetrators behind the event. They interview witnesses and suspects, gather evidence, write reports for the data they accumulate, and also arrest perpetrators.  MVPD has variety of detective assignments that range from investigating property crimes, robberies, felonious assaults, sexual assault, child crimes and homicides.


K9 Zeus, assigned to a special county-wide narcotics unit, secures a good find.

In addition to investigating property and person crimes, we also have a specialized unit that focuses on proactive enforcement of crimes in our community.  These specially assigned detectives focus on finding and capturing individuals engaging in illicit activities utilizing a mixture of investigative skills such as undercover surveillance and proactive enforcement.

MVPD is also the only department in the county who actively participates in all of the County Task Forces, which include; the Regional Auto Theft Task Force (RATTF), FBI Violent Gang Task Force, Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team Task Force (REACT), and the Santa Clara County Specialized Enforcement Team (SCCET).

DSC_8082 (1)

A group of specialized unit and support personnel at the Special Olympics Torch Run.

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