Physical Training Prep


MVPD officers on bike patrol.

All Police Officer candidates must be physically fit in order to successfully serve as a police officer in Mountain View. Once in the academy, recruits are required to perform at very high physical levels. In order to be able to maintain a healthy regimen for yourself and your peers, we highly recommend you undertake strength and conditioning exercises that can help every candidate meet the physical requirements of the academy and later, those requirements in your law enforcement career.

These preparation tips are designed to help candidates who want to work out on their own to develop strength and fitness levels that will help them be successful in the academy. The physical training in the academy includes flexibility and strength training, endurance runs, calisthenics exercises, an obstacle course, and self-defense. It is a fact that candidates who enter the basic academy lacking physical conditioning are prone to injuries that can result in removal from the academy. And even if you do not ultimately become a Mountain View Police Officer, this program can be the start of a commitment to fitness that will benefit you throughout your life.

It is very important to get a full medical examination and a doctor’s approval before starting any physical activity program. It is recommended that each candidate set goals and adjust the level of this program according to their capabilities.



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