Reserve Officers


MVPD vehicles in front of Mountain View City Hall.

Reserve police officers are employed part-time by the Mountain View Police Department. Reserve Officers must comply with the same requirements established by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) as regular Police Officers.

Attending the POST Modular Academy is a good start! Classes are held at several locations in the Greater Bay Area and you don’t need to have an agency affiliation to attend. You will need to take all three POST Modular Academy courses before applying to MVPD. Go to the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training site for more info.

Level III (trainee) Reserve Officers generally work patrol duties while in training. Level II Reserve Officers can make arrests and perform other officer duties with supervision. Level I Reserve Officers can do anything regular police officers do, including solo patrol work. Level II and Level I Reserves also work a variety of paid special events and private hire details.

Keep an eye out on our pages for updates on when this position opens for you to apply!

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