Allied enforcement 1

We are proud co-founders and participants of a program known as “Allied Enforcement” where traffic teams from across the South Bay work together to keep cities safe.

The traffic unit holds a unique position within the Mountain View Police Department. Police Traffic Officers have many functions including traffic complaint enforcement, accident reduction, patrol duties, escorts, public relations, and special event traffic control. Additionally, motorcycle officers respond to dispatched patrol calls as backup and, not infrequently, as primary officers at crime scenes. Motorcycles are highly maneuverable and their high acceleration response capabilities make them excellent tools for traffic enforcement in congested areas and have the ability to access areas where a regular patrol cruiser cannot go.

Allied Enforcement 01262017

We proactively message with our community to not only let them know about enforcement, but to educate and engage on traffic topics.

Officers assigned to the Motorcycle Unit receive over 160 hours of training designed to teach officers the special balance and precision maneuvering techniques of the police motorcycle. The Mountain View Police Department utilizes a combination of Harley-Davidson and the newest BMW Police motorcycles. In addition, members of the department can join the Dual Purpose motor unit and ride the Suzuki DR 650 dual purpose motorcycles. This team is often used for specific traffic enforcement and special events. The Dual Purpose Motor Unit is a collateral assignment but receives much of the same training of the regular motor unit.

We are extremely proud to have such highly skilled and professional Motor Officers at the Mountain View Police Department. These officers are very dedicated and train rigorously to provide efficient police services to the citizens in our community.

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